Spanish Cedar Soap Dish


I highly recommend this soap dish as an add-on for your handmade soap! It keeps your soap dry in between uses, which greatly extends the life of the soap. Without a well-draining soap dish, your soap may stay wet and develop an unpleasant soft consistency. This thin wooden soap dish is made from aromatic Spanish cedar and is handmade in the US. It is best to have one for each sink where you will be using handmade bar soap.
When properly cared for, this light little soap dish will last at least a year. After you finish one bar of soap, scrub your dish clean of residue with a washcloth and rinse with water. Lay the clean soap dish upright to allow it to dry for around 24 hours before using it with a new bar of soap.

Also makes a great gift add-on! Pair a soap dish with 1-2 of my homemade soaps. Tie them together with a bit of twine or ribbon for a nice presentation 🙂



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