All Hazel Valley Handmade soaps are produced from scratch in small batches, with care and attention to detail. We use skin-friendly oils and fragrances so that our soaps are gentle and healthy for your skin!

Our recipes have been carefully formulated and oils and butters are chosen for their properties. Read more about our ingredients below!

Olive oil- mild and nourishing

Coconut oil- when used in soap, coconut oil has high cleansing properties

Sweet Almond oil- contains moisturizing properties

Shea Butter- creamy and moisturizing

Castor oil- makes your soap extra bubbly!


“Does your soap have lye in it?”

All soap is made with lye- it is what initiates the chemical process of saponification, turning oils into soap. Without lye, you’d just have a pile of oils. After saponification takes place, there is no longer lye in your soap! Read more here.

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